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273 Reasons Memphis Could be the Next Great Bike City

The new bike arch by Tylur French  at Overton Park (Sam Cooper entrance) is now installed.

The new bike arch by Tylur French at Overton Park (Sam Cooper entrance) is now installed.

We are constantly hearing about changes to Memphis’ bike lanes or where cyclists are getting new connections to explore the Bluff City and surrounding areas. On Wednesday, Feb 12th, Overton Park will unveil the new gateway arch for cyclists connecting the Greenline, Hampline, and Broad Avenue Arts District to Overton Park as a throughway for those cyclists to explore midtown and downtown as well. The area is also becoming known as the bike plaza.

Bill Dries at the Memphis Daily News drew the comparison between this new development and the fight to stop I-40 from cutting through the middle of Memphis. Tina Sullivan of the Overton Park Conservancy is quoted as saying “Rather than having an expressway bisecting the park and pretty much destroying it, we now have a new bike/pedestrian entrance that brings people in to enjoy a thriving park.”

You can read the entire article and more about the supreme court battle to stop the highway here.

Shelby Farms Park pedestrian bridge

Shelby Farms’ pedestrian bridge connects the park to Germantown

Memphis has chosen a different way. Instead of isolating and dividing neighborhoods with highways, Memphis leaders are creating places for people to come together in pedestrian and bike friendly areas. The results are evident.

By 2016:
Total Bike Miles: 273
Shared-Use Path: 47 miles
Cycle Track: 22 miles
Bike Lanes: 98 miles
Shared Lanes: 117 miles

A big part of that is the Harrahan Bridge Main Street to Main Street project connecting downtown Memphis to West Memphis, Arkansas across the Mississippi. Imagine the view cycling across the bridge as the sun rises! It’ll be quite an experience.

source: @camariee on instagram

source: @camariee on instagram

Memphis is already being mentioned by name in the same breath as Austin and Denver among those U.S. cities making a huge push for a new way to bring neighborhoods together by using bike lanes and pedestrian friendly development, not to mention a fun way to enjoy our great weather most of the year. Check out this article by the London daily newspaper, The Guardian. Other U.S. cities are feeling the pressure to follow Memphis‘ path, too.

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