About Choose901

Choose901 is a campaign for the Bluff City that promotes Memphis as the premiere city in the country for someone to invest and enjoy their life. If you are looking to make a difference, you should Choose901. If you are hoping to have a blast, then you have to pick Memphis.

Memphis is looking for teachers and principals, artists and shop owners, financial analysts and investors, nonprofit leaders and future board members.

On this site you will find life impacting opportunities under INVEST and the fun and great experiences of Memphis under ENJOY.

Already in Memphis? Here is how you help us spread the word:

  • Choose901 is a great resource for you as passionate Memphians to share with others and show them that Memphis is an amazing city for one to invest and enjoy their life.
  • Our brand new campaign, Teach901, highlights specifically 1,000+ teaching and admin jobs. We are seeking the best candidates in the country to fill these roles.

Check out the video below. Become familiar with the pitch and prepare yourself to make the ask.