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Broad Avenue Night Market

Broad Avenue Night Market

When: October 24th 6-10pm

Where: Broad Avenue

After the success and excitement built up from Broad Avenue Demo Days and Sunset Quest, the community has decided to keep the momentum going around the once forgotten city center. Once a major center for growth and commerce, Broad Avenue was soon abandoned along with the railroad. With the help of The Mayor’s Innovation TeamBinghampton Development CorporationBroad Avenue Arts District, many young professionals, and artists, this authentic Memphis community is grinding its way to reclaiming its title as an urban center in Memphis. To better acquaint yourself with the happenings on Broad Avenue and to show off the progress it has made, Broad Avenue & MemShop have partnered to host Broad Avenue Night Market. This will be a night packed with local produce, artists, food trucks, and business. Night Market is the perfect time for the ultimate urban experience.

What all is on Broad Avenue & Binghampton?

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