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Broad Avenue’s Water Tower Pavilion Coming Soon

Broad Avenue has announced its newest project that will turn the loading dock next to the “This is We” mural into a shared performing arts space.  It will be available for use on nights and weekends, and used for warehouse operations during the day.

Broad Avenue Water Tower Pavilion

Broad Avenue Water Tower Pavilion Schematic (click to see larger)

The Water Tower project will be complete soon just in time for the eight-week “Dance on Broad” festival of performances, dance lessons and live music that will start on May 10.

The Broad Avenue Arts District is working with landscape architecture firm Ritchie Smith Associates to design the seating and stage areas. Instead of terraced seating, Ritchie Smith’s plan will allow the audience to view the stage either from moveable bench seating in the parking lot or from a grand staircase that comes down from the street level. The top four feet of the staircase will be 30 feet wide, room enough both for those wanting to sit down or pass through. Fifty feet of the safety railing will be decorated with artwork by sculptor Eli Gold by using recycled bike frames.

After the first eight weeks of dance events, the Water Tower Pavilion will be available for groups to rent. “Our goal is for this to be a community-based performance space,” said Pat Brown, manager of T. Clifton Gallery and projects coordinator for the arts district.

Since many performers can’t afford stage time, the Water Tower Pavilion will be an affordable incubator for performance groups.

Want to see the new pavilion for yourself? Check out the progress at Broad Avenue’s Spring Art Walk and MemFeast.

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