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Get Involved: Memphis Young Creatives

Memphis Young Creatives

Memphis Young Creatives is a meet-up comprised of young professionals in Memphis in various creative fields, such as marketing, promotions, PR, photography, web design, music, and more. The group meets monthly to talk a little shop (and non-shop too), share tips and advice, and support each other in a relaxed, after-work climate. Meetings are held at a different local restaurant each month, to help support local small businesses, where conversation is shared over drinks and appetizers.

The group was founded in the Spring of 2013 by Elizabeth Cawein (Signal Flow PR), Cheryl Hurley (The Stylist Quo), and Shannon Little (Huey’s/Shannon R. Little Communication).

Events are announced each month via Facebook and Twitter and are open to the public.  The next meetup event will be on Monday Jan 27th at Huey’s Midtown; go here for updates. You can email Shannon Little for more info.


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