Now is the Time. Memphis is the Place.

Get to know Memphis with Jimmy Ogle

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Wanna know a great way to learn about Memphis history and get active? How about a walking tour with Jimmy Ogle!

Jimmy is a lifetime Memphian and a Memphis historical buff. He does tours and classes on different facets of Memphis history. What makes his tours unique is how he arranges them around a block, but tells the expansive knowledge of that part of Memphis. Some of his tours include:

The Tuesday Tours: Free and open to the public (wheelchair accessible) featuring a specific area downtown (around 4 blocks) and is about 45 minutes in length.

The Step-on Guide: A tour on the Riverfront downtown for motorcoach and tour companies visiting from out-of-town that request the service

Private Group Walking Tours: Several school groups and affinity groups have requested walking tours of certain areas of Downtown or the riverfront.

One-On-One” Tours: Private tours can be arranged by contacting Ogle by phone or email.

Custom Tours: Jimmy has even been given as a “Christmas present” to parents or grandparents. This tour normally involves a ride around Downtown and the riverfront culminating in a meal or dessert at a Downtown establishment.

As you can see this is an active, unique, and fun way for lifelong and new Memphians to learn about the city. Visit Jimmy’s website, and take a tour.

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