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The Hampline: Funded!

The Hampline Memphis

UPDATE: This project has been fully funded!! Thank you Memphis!

Designed to be a safe active transit route, the Hampline is a two mile, on-road/multi-use trail designed for all levels of experience in walking and biking. It will showcase best practices with regards to protected cycle tracks – green lanes. By linking the west side of the Shelby Farms Greenline with the existing trail network within Overton Park, the Hampline is the essential link for the growing on-road and multi-use system in east Memphis and beyond with the on-road bicycle network west of Overton Park toward the River. Fun fact: The distance from the start of the Shelby Farms Greenline to Overton Park via the bike trails and line will be 9.01 miles.

In addition to adding vital connectivity to the growing bicycle network across the Memphis region, the Hampline will provide residents and visitors with safe access to facilities and amenities in the neighborhood including the five neighborhood schools, Tillman MPD Precinct Station, Howze Park, Lester Community Center, Benjamin Hooks Public Library, spiritual and medical facilities, the Arts District, and the amenities located within Overton Park.

This is the most innovative bicycle infrastructure project to be built within the United States. NYC has a few similar cycle tracks, as does Montreal and Vancouver, B.C., but nothing surpasses the build that is scheduled to take place.

Memphis has positioned itself as a example of best practices and innovation for bike lanes in the United States. The City of Memphis is one of six cities to participate in Bikes Belong’s Green Lane Project specifically due to this innovative project. The Hampline features two miles of public art murals and sculptures, an amphitheater and numerous art galleries. This bicycle and walking track is located in the Binghampton Community (“The Hamp”) and links Overton Park and the Shelby Farms Greenline via a state of the art, two-way protected cycle track.

The Plan:

The project to build the Hampline has been ongoing for the past three years.  Most of this time has been spent on researching best practices with regards to building safe, user friendly bike lanes.  This research has included the City of Memphis engineers touring facilities in Europe courtesy of the Green Lane Project.  After all of this work, raising the last 5 percent of the funds required to build is all that remains.  Based on the belief that we will meet our goal, the following timeline has been developed.

  • Overton Park Gateway and bike plaza – Fall/Winter 2013 built
  • Western Pathway (Broad to East Parkway) – Fall/Winter 2013 built
  • Art Enhancements – Spring/Summer 2014
  • Finalize Construction Documents for on-road portion – January 2014
  • TDOT and Environmental Review – Spring 2014
  • Construction – Late Summer/Fall 2014

The Hampline Memphis

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