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Introducing the Best of Yelp 2013

I like my job so much, I named my horse Yelp! But when I’m not competing in horse shows, I’m at the helm of the Yelp Community in Memphis. I like to think of myself as the friend who knows when a new restaurant opens, which dry cleaner to use or where to take your girlfriend for a picnic in the park.

Yelp is a free website and mobile application that connects people with great local businesses – anything from restaurants, dog groomers, mechanics, even dentists – based on the informed opinions of locals in the know. As the Community Manager, I contribute lots of  reviews about my favorite experiences in Memphis and write a weekly newsletter. But I have to say, the most exciting part of my job has to be the Yelp events I organize for folks in the community. From dinners and wine tastings to spa days and dance classes, Yelp events give people a chance to experience local businesses like a true VIP!

yelp best of memphis

So, without further ado, I am so excited to announce the winners of our first annual Best of Yelp: Memphis 2013 complete with fun, colorful excerpts from real Yelp reviews about each business.  Thank you for the local love and a shout out to all of our winners!

“This is the kind of place where you sit down and don’t speak a word to the people you’re with, because the food is just that good.” – Nathan S.

“The individual pepperoni slice I ordered was quite literally the size of my head…if not larger.” – Torri M

“The ceiling of Muddy’s is covered in clouds and planes which is pretty apropos since eating here is similar to what I imagine heaven to be.” – Kyle W

“Run, don’t walk, to Fuel and order the vegetarian cheese and walnut loaf. I would eat this sandwich seven days a week – seriously it is that good.” – Erica B

“The pizza will change your life. They use a different cheese than most and it is not the sickly sweet vegan cheese you may be familiar with. It takes like cheese, end of story.” – Katie P

“So, what’s not to like? Street fair with lots of funky vendors. Plenty of food, beer, music, and interesting people. I haven’t missed many in the last twelve years.” – Gary D

“A visit to the Brooks is a great way to spend the afternoon! One of us really, really wants Santa to bring an annual membership to the Brooks Museum for Christmas!” – Ashley H

“Turning into Shelby Farms is like exiting Memphis and entering a whole new village of fun. From the running and hiking trails, frisbee golf, dog park, picnic sites complete with grills, paddle boats, fishing, playground, summer concert series, buffalo and horses to the ginormous metal dinosaur statue (seriously- I want to steal him and put him in my backyard) there’s so much to see and do it’s just ridiculous.” – Erica B

“It’s not often that I rave about a movie theater. Hell, it’s not often that you NEED to rave about a movie theater. The inside of the theater is clean and comfortable and dark, and has a nice lounge area where you can wait for your date to get out of Twilight when you refuse to go see it with her. – Kyle W

“If Dita Von Teese lived in Memphis, she would shop at Crazy Beautiful.” – Kerry C.

“Will someone buy me/rent me a house in High Point Terrace? Why have I not been to this place sooner? I will literally will probably live at Cheffie’s now. There are just so many choices!” – Ann-Marie T.

“There is really nothing NOT to love about this slightly more upscale dive bar. They have laughing skull on tap, yummy onion rings, great sweet potato fries, lots of make-your-own vegetarian options, great bartenders, pretty tasty vegetarian chili, and one of the best pimiento and cheese sandwiches I’ve ever had.” – Torri M

“They’re so good, my fiancé and I seriously discussed serving them at our wedding.” – Jen S.

“I plan on coming back for that out-of-this-world white cheddar mac & cheese with bacon crumbs on top – amazing.” – Catie W.

“Holy sweet baby deity man child, Iris has to be on your list of places to eat in Memphis.” – Nathan S

“Rarely do I eat at a place where the appetizers, entrees and desserts are all delicious. Yet, the food wasn’t the only tasty and memorable but once you enter you are transported out of Memphis into a great little bistro with French ambiance.” – Felipe C

“MOIST. That’s the difference, chillun. Gus’s takes this questionable and, let’s face it, pretty unlikeable word and elevates it to superstar status. Moist is up in lights baby, forget your dried out ol’ KFC crapiness and jam some juicy, spiced-up world famous hot and spicy chicken in your face hole, etiquette be damned.” – Benjamin B

“This restaurant is always good, and especially when the occasion is special. The service is nice and the food is great. I always know I won’t be disappointed when I choose this place.” – Debbie P

“Minglewood is a great event spot. I’ve been to a wide varieties of events here – from fundraising dinners, to rock n romps, to concerts. I love the space and the layout. It’s definitely versatile and can handle just about any crowd or event. Restrooms are always clean. That’s a plus when you’re at a late night show with a bunch of drunk people.” – Stephanie C

  • Best Place for a Cocktail: Alchemy

“The cocktail menu was as solid as Barry Bond’s bat in the 1995 season (it was a great year for him, awful simile, I know).  Great selection of bourbons as well.  I started off with some house punch that was pink.  It tasted like watermelon.  It was epic.” – Tom E

“Be still, my beating heart.  Love at first sight. A silent picture house from the early 20th century, situated on Main Street, along the Trolley Line.  Sidewalk seating, if you prefer, but I suggest you first step inside to soak up the atmosphere.” – Greg H

“My last dinner in Memphis was here.  It should’ve been my last meal on Earth.” – Mark S

  • Best Place to Get Sushi: Sakura

“I have died and gone to “omgmyfavoritesushirestaurantnowhasalocationalmost­inmyneighborhood” heaven:. Did you know there was such a place? There is. It’s called Sakura.” – Stephanie C

“Chef Trimm has elevated “bar food” to another level with this inspired, local ingredient heavy menu.  The pimento cheese burger is pure food porn.  Get it with bacon and a fried egg on top if you’re feeling macho.” – John E

“I love now, and will always love this place, the sandwiches and Pasta dishes are great; the soups (Gorgonzola Onion, Mushroom, Italian Gumbo) are “habit formingly” delicious! HUMMMMM!!!” – Henry L

“I had one of the best filets I’ve ever eaten in my life – perfectly cooked, buttery and tender. The only side I got to try was the creamed spinach, but after trying that, I didn’t need anything else. It was one of the best things I’ve ever put in my mouth.” – Jackie B

“I don’t even share my pizza crusts with my dog – it’s that good.” – Jessie J

“Otherlands is like home.  I get lost in time when I come here, and am so comfy on any number of their random couches or seated at a table with a lovely coffee by my side.“ – Erica B

“A boyfriend introduced me to Grace at Hi Gorgeous. The boyfriend didn’t last, but Grace did. ” – Martie P

“After frequenting Polish Bottle for over a year I am a die-hard fan. To use as an example a favorite movie of Mother’s, we’re a regular Memphis ‘Steel Magnolia’s. I keep looking for Weezer although I suspect it’s me.” – Olivia F

“I came here with my dog to sit on the patio, on a Grizzlies game night. It was just me, but the host had no problems seating me at a large picnic table with a great view of the enormous TV screen they put up outside when there’s a big game.” – Sarah R

“This is where I always want to eat in Memphis now. This is a place I would not be embarrassed to bring my Mexican family to (since we are from San Diego). This is the place I wished I lived near.” – Mike K

“The flights don’t stop at the food: diners are invited to taste flights of wines or liquors (I recommend the cabernet flight- I was introduced to Educated Guess at Flight and can’t thank them enough).” – Robin B

“This place is right on the money. The atmosphere is very sleek and cozy, I really love the vibe. The Mac & Cheese…. SO cheesy and gooey and truly the best I’ve ever had. I kept sneaking bites while Joelle wasn’t looking!” – Ann-Marie T

“It’s got quirky charm and a great energy. Communal tables in the front, where a band set up shop later in the night. Plates adorn every inch of the walls in the main tap room, and plates with people’s names denote those who have tried 200 different beers.” – Kyle H

“The Cove, which is open everyday until the wee hours, provides a taste of New Orleans with a pirate ship theme.  This can only mean one thing- a guaranteed damn good time!” – Tom E

“Home of the massive burger Adam Richman attempted to eat on one of his Man vs. Food episodes. He failed but there are photos up of those who have conquered this amazing feat!” – Stephanie S

“My friends know Cafe 1912 as my “first date” restaurant. It’s perfect for the atmosphere (not too romantic/not too casual) and has an appropriate price tag for the occasion. The food has always been excellent and always enjoyed by those with me as well.” – Clark P

“How does this happen? How does a beacon of hope for Mediterranean food find a home in a nondescript strip mall on Poplar? I dunno, but thank your lucky stars it did. Casablanca is amazing.” – Kyle W

“You HAVE to start with a sausage and cheese plate. And let’s not kid ourselves, you didn’t come for the pulled pork. You came for the legendary ribs. And legendary they are indeed. Don’t wimp out and get the small rack. Go big or go home. You came for barbecue and you won’t settle for wimpy portions.” – Drew A

“If “ristorante” is Italian for “restaurant”… Bari must be Italian for “really good.” Food:  Authentic!  You can’t often find the food they offer here.  Grilled sardines, octopus, a carbonara that makes me dizzy it’s so good, etc. etc.” – Raymond B

“I have weekly Mosa cravings.  The first time we went to Mosa I had the rainbow curry grouper.  It is Dee-lish-us. In fact, I want some right now.” – Ross G

“This spot is the diveyest of dive bars that I have every had the pleasure of stepping foot in.  It excels at its sheer awesome level of dive-baryness (I know I am making up words). The Jukebox was putting out the tunes and there was a good crowd in there for a Saturday afternoon.” – Jeannine H

“If you want to try a new drink, they have an extensive martini list, basically every flavor imaginable.” – Andy S

“The Memphis Zoo was largely responsible for me choosing to attend Rhodes College. Awesome layout (albeit not very intuitive) with neat seasonal exhibits.” – David S

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