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Loeb Properties Re-Branding Overton Square

Purchasing the square in 2012, Loeb Properties has been working day and night to bring the Overton Square everyone loved in the 70s to fit the needs of today’s Memphians. With 14 businesses, 3 live-performance theaters, and a multi-screen movie theater, Overton Square has seen a drastic face lift, and Memphis loves it!

Here’s what’s on the Square:

What’s coming:

As construction ends on Overton Square, not only has Loeb built a new parking garage, but a new brand! Starting the project with a modern theme, they have now reverted back to the original theme with a modern twist.

overton square

“As we got further into the project, we couldn’t deny the emotional attachment Memphians have expressed for the original logo,” Lou Loeb, executive vice president of asset management, said. The purple speak box logo was perfect for our development phase, as the image of the speak box encouraged the public to have a voice and share their ideas about what we are doing at Overton Square. As our focus turned more toward operations, we decided to bring back an updated version of the original icon as a symbol of all the public passion that made this rebirth possible.”

The new brand redesigned in-house, comes with 3 different color options, based off art installations in the area. It is also designed to be abbreviated for a more modern look. With the “O” and the “S” interlocked, you’ll be able to shorten it to just that, and still rep your favorite square in Memphis.

See what the Business Journal says about the new brand.

Check out Overton Square




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