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Memphis Type History

Memphis Type History


Memphis Type History is two artists’ obsession with the words, letters, typography, history, and colors of Memphis.  These images are insight into Memphis as Memphians know it. Over the next few months, they will be collecting your recollections and researching the rumor and lore behind these signs for a new book based on this unique Memphis artwork.

Memphis Type History needs your stories!

Even if stories don’t get included in the book, stories will be shared on their blog and perhaps they may also aid to solve puzzles discovered in each place. Below is an example of info submitted by Susan Williams:

“Lute Casey was my great uncle.  I never met him.  His sister, Pearl Casey Leach, owned a hotel downtown, the Plaza Hotel.  Also part owner of the Winona hotel, later called the Arcade. He and my grandmother had an argument and never spoke again.”

Please send any stories/memories you have from any of these landmarks:

  • Lamar Theater
  • Walker Radiator Works
  • Arcade Restaurant
  • The Beauty Shop
  • Skateland Park
  • Lorraine Motel
  • Sam Phillips Recording Studio
  • Drink n’ Drag
  • Shelby Electric Co.
  • Soulsville Charter School

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The Memphis Type photography project began in 2009 with Jeremy Greene. His photos documenting the often-overlooked parts of Memphis intrigued Rebecca Phillips.

Memphis Type Photography


Rebecca painted the typography and signs from Jeremy’s photos for the Memphis Type Illustrated and Memphis Type Minis series. (Pssst… you can still buy remaining originals and/or awesome prints). Painted layer by layer, each of these one-of-a-kind paintings has an “illustrated” look, like the postcards and ads of yesteryear.

Memphis Type Illustrated paintings

Now the desire to capture the history of Memphis is expanding from photos and canvas to the written word. Caitlin L. Horton, founder of Front Porch Art and Memphis Type fan, joins the team to write the book on Memphis Type for an upcoming publication with The History Press.


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