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Urban Art Commission: Making Memphis Even More Beautiful


Whether the Urban Art Commission’s work is in your neighborhood or along your daily commute, you know the artwork. Since 1997, UrbanArt has sponsored such sculptures as Yvonne Bobo‘s orbitals in Peabody Park, Greely Myatt’s “Cloudy Thoughts” that appeared in 2008 on Madison, as well as murals like Siphne’s own contribution to the I Love Memphis series, her “I Love Memphis” bike mural on the Greenline, UrbanArt’s Poetry Panels featuring song lyrics that refer to Memphis on South Main, and many more — check out the gallery.

All images from the UrbanArt website.

Below is the project at the Lester Community Center murals on Tillman by Mark and Megan Davey. The Daveys designed several murals for the community center’s walls.

Image from the UrbanArt website.

Artists with an interest in public art can apply to join the UrbanArt Registry here.

Even if you’re no artist, you can get still get involved — no matter your skill level (trust me, I asked). Siphne assured that sign-up for the murals paint crew is an open invitation, and since so many of the mural projects are at schools and community centers, they’re designed so that artistic novices (like myself) and kids can be part of the creative process too. UrbanArt also welcomes photographs of its public art pieces to add to their online gallery.

In the video below you can meet Siphne Sylve, Director of Public Art at the UAC, and and see how her work in the visual and performing arts magnifies the beauty of the city of Memphis.

UrbanArt is excited to announce that they hope to see fresh paint up around the city in the remainder of the year as they go through the final stages of approving new mural project proposals. Look out for more uplifting public art this fall!

Keep up with the Urban Art Commission via Facebook, Twitter, the UrbanArt blog, or give them a phone call at 901-454-0474.

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